Diesel Powered Generators

A diesel powered generator is ideal for construction, farming, emergency power, and many other applications. They are traditionally considered the workhorse of portable generators with extended run times over gasoline models. Even a small diesel generator can provide a lot of electricity. Many of these units can be easily transported in the back of a pickup truck and the fuel is readily available almost anywhere in the country.

Portable Diesel Generators
Diesel generators come in various sizes and are used for a wide range of needs. In places that are hit often by power shortages, they are an essential piece of equipment for everyday life. Given that they are relatively simple machines, they are highly reliable and very durable. Small diesel generators can prove to be very useful as they are extremely easy to move from one location to another.

Diesel Electric Generators
Simply put, a diesel power generator is made of a few critical components. The first one is the diesel engine. That is where the power comes from. The other major component is the electric generator (often called an alternator). It is responsible for transforming the power of the engine into electrical energy. In addition a few other parts, including but not limited to circuit breakers, volt meter, hour meter, control systems, wheel kit, and a starting system are typically used when manufacturing a complete retail unit.

Diesel Generators For Home Use
People use diesel power generators for numerous purposes. For example, some will rely on a portable diesel generator to get power to job sites or remote areas that do not have electrical service. Others simply want one to use around the home and to serve as an emergency power supply in the event of an outage. There are more advanced applications for a larger diesel electric generator like system support when there is excessive demand on the power grid.

Sizes and Models
Depending on the intended use, it is important to select the right size generator. It is the only way to ensure an adequate energy supply for the load and avoid a shortage of power when it is needed. For instance, the smallest ones come equipped with handles so they can be carried and are frequently used for camping or tailgating. Homes, small shops and offices can usually rely on the small wheeled versions. Larger models are commonly seen at major outdoor events or new construction sites. If there is a need for more power (in large office towers or manufacturing plants), large industrial units are required.

How Long Do They Last?
Diesel generators can last almost indefinitely if they are maintained properly. Some units require a break in period of a few hours run time with no load and then an oil change before actual use. Additionally, oil changes should be performed on a regular basis (for any type of engine).  Dirty oil is like sandpaper on your engine parts. Using clean fuel will also help prolong the life of the unit. It is important to remember that proper maintenance is critical if you want your diesel generator to last for decades.

Diesel Generators
While many people are perfectly fine with a gas powered generator, some people prefer diesel powered generators. While some older models can be a pain to crank in cold weather, there are many advantages to owning a diesel generator. As a general rule, diesel generators need fewer mechanical repairs than a gasoline generator. Typically you do not have a carburetor or spark plugs on a diesel engine, so there is less routine maintenance. In normal circumstances, they also use less fuel powering the same load. Since fuel costs can be one of the biggest expenses of running an electric generator, this may be something you want to consider if you plan to use your generator on a frequent basis.

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