Propane Powered Generators

If you need a handy power source, a small propane generator is hard to beat. It runs off of the same fuel as your barbecue grill and can provide a significant amount of electricity. A large stationary unit can run pretty much indefinitely and a portable propane generator can run for an extensive period of time before needing to change out the tank.

Portable Propane Generators For Home Use
One of the most obvious reasons to purchase a propane electric generator is the ability to have power when there is none. It could be because the power has gone out in your area. You may want to keep your refrigerator running to prevent a couple hundred bucks worth of groceries from going down the tube or you just need to stay up to date on the emergency situation with radio or television news broadcasts. Possibly you need something more essential like heat.

Propane Electric Generators
You will never have to worry about those aggravating gummy carburetor problems which are associated with gas and diesel models that have not been cranked for months. If you plan to use your generator on a daily basis this is not usually an issue. However if you are only going to need your power unit from time to time, this is a big plus for a propane powered generator.

Portable Propane Generators
Some of the newer wheeled models come equipped with a tank holder built right into the frame of the unit which is very convenient when you need to move it from one location to another. These units can typically be handled easily by one person since there is not a separate tank to carry or the awkward fuel line dangling between them. This feature will not be found on many first generation models.

Small Propane Generators
You may be going camping for an extended period and need electricity in order to power some specific equipment. Whatever your reason, a propane generator is able to give you electricity when you need it and do it rather cheaply. Whether you are thinking of purchasing one for tailgating, the job-site, or just on standby around the house, they can be a very practical and useful piece of equipment. While propane generators are not always available locally, many online merchants offer free and low cost shipping.

Propane Fuel
The propane itself has an indefinite shelf life. It does not go stale like gasoline. Storage is limited only by the life of the container (tank) and during an electrical service outage even if there is no power to run the pumps for gas or diesel at the service station, they can still sell the small propane tanks.

Natural gas is not the same thing as propane. Just like diesel is not the same as gasoline. Do not try to operate a propane power generator with natural gas unless the unit is specifically designed to run off both. If you have one of the bi-fuel or tri-fuel generators, you will probably be aware of the type of unit you have because they are more expensive to purchase.

Even though it is an efficient and clean burning fuel, a propane powered generator must not be operated indoors unless the exhaust is properly vented to the outside by a professional.

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